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Stall Moor Circle & Stone Row

Stall Moor Stone Circle and Stone Row

These stones are known as the Dancers, and the twenty six stones and the long stone row that leads from it to a cairn on Green Hill are yet another tale of divine punishment for breaking the sabbath.

The story, according to William Crossing writing in about 1900, was that one Sunday afternoon a group of girls set off for the moor and once out of sight of the farmhouses, began to dance.  Just right then a young countryman came by and was asked to join them.  He agreed, provided that instead of dancing they play the game kiss-in-the-ring.  So the girls made a circle and he began moving around, kissing each girl in turn.  But the girls in their enthusiasm, forgot the rules of the game and fell to kissing him.  At first he enjoyed it, but eventually it became too much for him to endure and he broke from the ring and fled.  The girls set off in hot pursuit and the girl in the front had almost reached him when they suddenly all turned to stone.