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Dursley Fairy Inn

The Dursley Fairy Inn 

The folklore collector Ruth Tongue heard this wonderful story in 1970 of a phantom fairy building.

A traveller was caught in a heavy snowstorm in the wolds north of Dursley and he was delighted to see the lights of an Inn up ahead along the road.  An old groom came out to meet him and attend to his horse and he himself was shown to a warm comfortable bedroom by a servant in bright green livery.  He was well fed and cared for.  He woke before dawn and was eager to press on to his friends in Stroud.  He could find no one about that early in the morning and so left two guineas on the table and rode off.

His friends in Stroud had been anxious about him, so he explained how he stopped off at 'that splendid Inn above Dursley'.  All the friends gawped at him and told him straight away there was no such place.  To settle the argument they rode out and he led them back to the spot where he stayed the night before.  All they could find were his tracks in the snow and two guineas lying in the snow.

One of his friends nodded sagely, "I'm told they only come out on stormy nights and never take payment.  They never stay after cockcrow. It's lucky you went early or you'd have waked in the snow."