British Folklore
Fairy Lore & Prehistoric Sites in Britain


Sources used for British Folklore site

Select Volumes


  • The Lore of the Land by Westwood and Simpson
  • The Lore of Scotland by Westwood and Kingshill
  • Folklore of Prehistoric Sites in Britain by Leslie Grinsell
  • The Fairies in Tradition and Literature by Katharine Briggs
  • British Goblins by Wirt Sikes


  • Sacred Circles; Prehistoric Stone Circles of Wales by Julian Heath
  • The Stone Circles of Britain, Ireland and Brittany by Aubrey Burl
  • The Ancient Burial Mounds of Britain by Leslie Grinsell
  • Forgotten Folk-Tales of the English Counties by Ruth Tongue
  • Dictionary of British Folklore part A & B by Katharine Briggs


  • Supernatural Wales by Alvin Nicholas
  • Folk-lore of west and mid-Wales by Jonathan Davies
  • Folk-lore and folk-stories of Wales by Marie Trevelyen
  • The Fabled Coast by Kingshill and Westwood