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Challacombe Moor

A man once dug into the prehistoric mound called Broken Barrow in the 17th century in the hopes of finding treasure, but was stricken deaf, dumb and blind by the sound of phantom horses galloping past and died soon after the incident.  Another man dug into nearby Wood Barrow in search of treasure which he thought was hidden there but was driven away by terrible thunderstorms.  A later version told three hundred years later, the diggers are overcome with faintness but their leader, a 'conjurer', can catch a glimpse of the treasure for a moment as the lightning flashes.  When they recover their senses, all that is left is an empty bronze pan that is all corroded and green - but with a bright shiny spot in the middle to prove that there was indeed treasure there.

There is another more macabre traditional tale that has lasted to the current day.  Legend of a treasure buried in a natural gash in the Challacombe Down called Chaw Gulley.  There is a supernatural guardian over it though, and no one will go down and try and retrieve it.  It is said there is a Raven that guards the Gulley and when anyone tries to drop themselves down there with a rope, this raven squawks a warning and a phantom hand holding a knife ghosts out of the side of the gulley, cutting the rope.  Whoever is on the rope falls down into the gulley and dies of course, but the body does not remain down there - the next day it will be found thrown out onto the Moor.