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Bottlebrush Down

Bottlebrush Down

On this unassuming hill that rests by Wimborne St. Giles there sits a round barrow.  As with a few other round barrows in Dorset, it is told that if you sit atop it at midday and sit quietly and listen carefully you can hear the fairy music being played inside the brugh.

Bincombe and Whitcombe barrows have this legend, but Bottlebrush Down carries a few more fairy encounters.  One Reverend Bruce in the early 20th century stopped to rest on the mound one evening and was surprised with a bevy of little people dancing in leather jerkins come and dance around him.  

Another wild encounter happened to an archaeologist, Dr. Clay.  Driving home one night to Fovant, deep midwinter 1927, he saw a 'horseman wearing skins, who rode up beside him and followed him along, and then disappeared into the side of the barrow.'

This apparition of the horse and rider had been corroborated by many before and since.