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Boadicea's Grave

Boadicea's Grave

A footpath leading off the Thetford-Diss road and running along the west side of a plantation called Home Covert leads to one of the biggest and most dramatic barrows in Norfolk. Isolated among fields, and now overgrown by trees, it is the southernmost of a group of three large round barrows on Garboldisham Heath. Known as Soldier's Hill, since at least the 1850s it has also been known locally as Boadicea's Grave.

Although sites for Boadicea's grave can be found as far afield as Wales, this great mound would be an appropriate resting place for the Queen of the Iceni, as her headquarters is believed to be somewhere near Thetford.

Before more thorough archaeological work had been done, it was believed she held court at Kenninghall. Antiquaries incorrectly believed this was a corruption of "king's hall" and according to this was a favorite residence of several East Anglian kings. Those same incorrect antiquarians just tossed Boadicea's court location in the same spot.

Another nearby location at Quidenham is another round barrow that is also locally known as Boadicea's grave. It was earlier called Viking's Mound, and it seems likely that, both on Garboldisham Heath and here, vaguer names representing older traditions have been overlaid by the assignment of the grave to the famous queen.