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Bedd Taliesin

Bedd Taliesin

About eight miles north of Aberystwyth is a chambered cairn known as Bedd Taliesin.  From Folk-lore of the West and Mid-Wales:

According to a local tradition, Taliesin, Chief Bard of the Island of Britain was buried on this spot. The grave, which is composed of stones, is in the centre of a large heap of earth or mound surrounded by stone circles, and some generations ago bones, and even a human skull, were found in it, which probably were the remains of the great ancient poet.

There is a superstition respecting Bedd Taliesin that should anyone sleep in it for one night, he would the next day become either a poet or an idiot.

Taliesin's Grave is in the Parish of Llanfihangel genau'r Glyn, and in the adjoining parish of Llancynfelin there is a village bearing the name of Taliesin; and, according to the 'Mabinogion,' the great poet was born somewhere between the Dyvi and Aberystwyth. The people of North Cardiganshire believe to this day that Taliesin was both born and buried in their district.