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The Aquhorthies

A good example of the recumbent stone circle is found here near Banchory-Devenick. It is said that a local man removed one of the stones to serve as a hearthstone, but was afterwards so disturbed by strange noises in the night that he put it back where he had found it. Similar stories are told of many stone circles, but a more unusual tale concerning this one was given in the 1813 agricultural survey;

Close to the principle druidical circle there are two parks of extraordinary fertility, although much incumbered with large masses of stone interspersed through them. The ground of these parks has been very long remarked for its productiveness, and the tradition of the country is, that in the time of the Picts, soil had been brought to the parks, all the way from Findon, a distance of two miles, and that this was done by ranging a line of men along the whole distance, who handed the earth from one to another.

Interestingly it was remarked in 1985 that the fields around the Aquhorthies still have some of the best soil in the whole surrounding area.